The company will assume the responsibility for providing the quality and safety of products and services, and assume the main responsibility for the quality and safety.The company has established a full staff, the whole process, an all-round quality and safety responsibility system. Setting up a quality and safety leading group headed by senior leaders,it is responsible for the comprehensive coordination of quality and safety work, and quality and safety supervision management.Through the quality and safety system, the quality and safety responsibility is implemented to every employee, and implemented into every link, and integrated into every job. The company establishes a standardized, institutionalized and refined job responsibility management system to effectively ensure the implementation of post responsibility.
  • Full-staff Quality Management system

    The company has formulated and gradually improved various production management systems, work standards, job operation procedures and various process procedures, management procedures, standard operation procedures. Adopting workshop centralized training and before-after the shift will operate a comprehensive job skills training, certification, and use a variety of ways to supervision, assessment, enhance staff quality awareness, and operation level. In the production process, management personnel at all levels strictly perform management duties, timely inspection, timely correct errors, which ensures the stability of production order. 

  • Controlling the quality of the ruin materials Strictly

    We will check the raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials required for production before production. The incoming material inspectors need to carry out sampling inspection on the raw materials purchased, and if some raw materials do not meet the prescribed standards, it will not be prohibited to the storage. In the process of production, we strictly check every production lines, and once there is a problem,we must immediately stop the line, refuse the unqualified products to flow the next line.Setting up a QC group, etc., it is to determine the quality of the problems that arise in the production process. 

  • Attaching an importance to quality management

    Check the quality of intermediate products and finished products, and strictly implement the "three no-principles" of "not producing unqualified products, not receiving unqualified products, and not transferring unqualified products".Urge employees to do a good job in self-inspection and mutual inspection, implement monitoring and verification procedures, strictly approve and record management procedures, and achieve the unity of application, distribution and verification.Material balance for each production step, ensure that the material input and product output quantity are consistent with the process requirements, confirm that there is no potential quality hazard and meet the standard requirements. 

  • Fast and effective after-sale service

    The company has set up a perfect after-sales service organization, and a professional after-sales service team, clear after-sales service work process, standards and requirements.The sales department of the company is responsible for the management of after-sales service information files, and file them on time and regularly.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We establish and improve the product risk analysis and prevention mechanism, constantly optimize the process technology and production line equipment, meanwhile increase the coverage of quality inspection, pay attention to staff operation training, promote QC quality control circle activities, give play to the wisdom of employees, promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and minimize product quality risks. 

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