Baizhijia has built a modern standard workshop of more than 150,000 square meters, containing office chairs, sofa and leisure chairs, mesh chairs, injection molding, sponge and other 5 factories. Fifteen standardized production lines have been set up, including sponge foaming, cutting, plastic parts manufacturing, hardware parts manufacturing, sewing, curing, assembly, inspection, packaging, storage, logistics and other whole process processes. We strictly control each production process, and pursue the production perfection.We will continue to use qualified sustainable environmental protection materials, exquisite technology and complete scientific quality testing system, perfect presentation of manufacturing technology, which bring higher value to "made in China".
  • Production Capacity

    There are 15 standardized production lines,and we produce 4000-6000 office chairs, 800-1200 sets of sofas and leisure chairs every day, and we have 70% practised workers who are more than 3 years. The company utilizes ERP information management system to realize the refined and standardized whole chain management process from order receiving to production, R&D, quality control, and packaging to logistics. 

  • Delivery Guarantee

    Quotation time: respond within 30 minutes, and quotation within 48 hours

    Samples development time: 7-10 days

    Purchasing ruin materials: 7-15 days

    Time of production lines: 3-7 days

    Loading Port: Shanghai, Ningbo( arriving to the main ports in global)

  • Test labs

    We established the quality testing laboratory, and mechanical properties and material quality 125 testing items that include the office chair finished product structure strength testing, chair’s legs strength test, armrest strength test, pressure rod durability test of the gas lift , plywood strength test, castors durability test, fabric wearing and tearing strength test, fabric color fastness test, carton strength test. 

  • R&D Institute

    Baizhijia company attaches great importance to product design and technological innovation, adhering to the research and development concept of the environmental protection, green, comfortable and healthy , and has established research and development design institute that extensively cooperates with domestic and foreign design institutions and well-known designers. Annual fees for research and development investment is more than one million US dollars. At the base of the full understanding of customer needs and market research, we continuously process material optimization, accessories development, product appearance innovation and process innovation. All products fully consider the ergonomic application, and recognized by the majority of customers.

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