• 01Inspection materials

    All materials are strictly inspected by IQC, which ensure 100% qualification before entering into store.

  • 02Fabric/leather cutting

    We control the loss and reduce wastage from the sources by using the computer automatic type setting, CNC automatic cutting production line . At the same time, we greatly improve the production efficiency to ensure the quality.

  • 03Foam cutting

    Precise CNC foam cutting machine ensures quality and reduce wastage.

  • 04Plywood drilling

    Automatic CNC drilling robot ensures the processing accuracy of the hole position and controls the quality from fountainhead.

  • 05Glued foam

    Environmental protection glue is used to minimize the gas emission while ensuring the glue strength 

  • 06sewing

    Before operating the computer CNC precision sewing equipment, workers must strictly train, and in the process of the working, it takes effective quality inspection to ensure product safety through implementing 100% broken needle management and metal detector testing.

  • 07Backrest &seat production

    Under the strict standard operation guidance, our skilled staff operate accurately and pay attention to every detail. 

  • 08Assembly

    Each batch of finished products can undergo strict trial assembly before entering the next process

  • 09Final inspection

    Professional QC team conducts strict quality inspection according to standards

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